The 11 Kinds of Acne Classified According to Causes – Acne

If you have been plagued with acne at some point in your life, you are probably obsessed with washing your face all the time – making sure that it’s clean to keep away the acne Ironically, people who are prone to acne are actually quite particular with cleanliness. They often wash their faces and making sure that their body is clean. By doing this, they are hoping that the affliction will eventually go away.The 11 Kinds of AcneThere are actually different kinds of acne The word is a catch-all term for all types of acne There are general kinds of acne that you might call cystic acne adult acne and so on; but to be really specific and to classify acne according to its causes, the 11 classes are as follow:1. Acne Cosmetic. This is the acne that is cause by use of cosmetics. The use of cosmetics alone does not cause acne It is actually the kind of cosmetics and the prolonged use of cosmetics that irritates the skin. Your pores react negatively to the ingredients and acne results.2. Acne Conglobata. This is the type of acne that is largely caused by hereditary factors. If your parents suffered from severe acne you will probably suffer the same. Oftentimes, this type of acne results to severe scarring on the area affected. The unfortunate thing about this acne is that you can hardly do anything about it.3. Acne Detergents. This acne is caused by soaps, detergents and cleansers which irritate the skin.4. Acne Excoriee. This is the type of acne that is caused by skin picking which then spreads the germs on other parts of the body.5. Acne Fulminans. This is the serious type of acne that is accompanies by flu-like symptoms when the lesions erupt. The sufferer may also experience loss of appetite, skin scaring and high WBC count. Men seem to suffer more from this type of acne.6. Acne Keloidalis. It is the African race that suffers much from this acne The lesions and inflammations generally appear on the neck.7. Acne Mallorca. This is the type of acne that is caused by excessive sun exposure.8. Acne Mechanica. The kind of acne that results from skin irritation caused by exposure of bare skin to various irritants like clothing fabrics and bag straps.9. Acne Medicametosa. This is the type of acne that occurs as a side effect to medications. There are oral contraceptives that could cause acne too. Anti-psychotic medications and mood stabilizers can also cause acne.10. Acne Neonatorium or baby acne This is caused by the excessive sebum secretion in children. This results from the transfer of hormones from the mother to the infant.11. Acne Pomade. This is the kind of acne that results from the skin’s irritation to hair products. The irritating ingredients, specifically oils, eventually irritate the forehead causing acne to form.Knowing what type of acne you have will certainly help in determining the treatment for it. If your acne is caused by irritants like fabrics, hair gels and makeup, you can avoid using the products that cause your acne Your physician can help you determine the cause of your acne and seek proper treatment for it.